education redefined.
education redefined.

Welcome to
Group CZ

What We Do

BEG CZ was established in 2016 by Olga Block, the co-founder of BASIS Curriculum
Schools, the gold standard American Pre-K through Grade 12 educational network.

We introduce
the Basis
to Europe

Promoting the BASIS
Curriculum, the unique
internationally recognized
academic program
in the Czech Republic
and throughout
Europe. Leading
the establishment of
the first BASIS school
in Czech Republic

We recruit
who love
to teach

Managing a recruitment
office in Prague
that trains teachers,
school managers,
and staff from across
the European Union
for the BASIS
Curriculum Schools

We develop

Building custom
designed tablet applications
Curriculum Schools.
The apps will be smarter
than textbooks,
improving not only
content delivery,
but also classroom

Our Team

Olga V. Block - CEO

Olga V. Block

Olga Block is a native of the Czech Republic, she is a respected economist and pedagogue, who has been dedicated to the theory of education for over thirty years. She is an author of a unique education model that is applied in the system of almost forty BASIS schools. She is interested in the newest trends in education and is involved in the management of the entire network of the BASIS schools. She received her Engineers Degree in Mathematical Methods in Economics from the University of Economics in Prague, and she further developed her knowledge of economics during her postgraduate studies at Cornell University in the U.S. She began her career as a faculty member at the University of Economics, teaching mathematic methods in economics. After the fall of communism in the Czech Republic in 1989 she participated in the Czech educational reform process as the Vice-Dean for Students Affairs at the School of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague. She moved to the US in 1996 and, with her husband, Michael Block, she co-founded the first BASIS school in 1998. She is currently the president of BASIS Educational Ventures - an organization supporting the efforts of BASIS Curriculum Schools – a community of schools using a unique education content management system. BASIS Educational Ventures emphasizes on the creation of the widest maneuvering space for teachers and for applying their knowledge, experience and creativity. Its goal is to achieve all of this while using a consistent and systematic evaluation of student results and a continual improvement of the content and form of education while applying the newest possibilities of computer technologies.

Currently, she founded a preschool/kindergarten in the Czech Republic, offering a unique educational model for students between the ages of 3 to 6 years. This preschool/kindergarten, with a very limited capacity and which opened in September 2018 in Prague-Břevnov, is only a prelude for the large school project opening in 2021 in Prague-Holešovice for students between the ages of 3 and 18 years.

Pavel Růžička - Development Director

Pavel Růžička

Development Director
Ondřej Procházka - Finance Director

Ondřej Procházka

Finance Director
Ondřej Konár - Academic Director

Ondřej Konár

Academic Director
Michaela Kastlová - Art Director

Michaela Kastlová

Art Director

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